hosting that scales from easy to expert

we grow about 8 years


The company’s management takes its seats not by chance – we have gone the full path of a hosting company employee from a technical support operator to heads of departments and projects.


Our marketing department works to help people find exactly the product they need. If there is no such product, we create it and do everything possible (and sometimes impossible) to make customers completely.

users support

We are a team of young and active guys providing first aid for clients. Phones are nearby, computers are on, mail is checked every 5 minutes. So feel free to write at any convenient time – we will tell, show, help!

system administrators

We upgrade software, back up databases, compile kernels, fix bugs, parse logs. We do not use Windows, but in our free time we automate with shell.

high network speed

Our focus is fast hosting based on modern technologies and our principles of work without bureaucracy.
We do not sell magical “unlimited plans” and “sky-high features”.

modern technologies

We offer tailored configurations to clients who seek custom services, ensuring optimal network performance.