How to make a Downloadable file with a Download Button?

How to make a Downloadable file with a Download Button?

Many of my friends were asking me how to make a pdf file like form or notice which could be downloadable and they don’t want some boring conventional link to do the job rather they wish to have some animated or graphical download button so that user will not get bogged down to do an extra job to download the files.

In this video, I did a  screen recording and please do not get surprised if you can’t hear a word because my voice or any kind of audio is not embedded in the video because, uploading the video on the youtube become such a nuisance that it checks many licences and copy rights. Last time I did record a video blog and embed a nice smoothing music at hind and for that I got strike from the youtube for violating their copy rights.

It’s hard but I learned my lesson in a hard way. Anyway, without further ado I am going to present you the video. Have a great evening guys!

If time permits you, please jot down some lines in the comment box. To you it may means nothing but it could be source of driving force to do more social works for me 😉

Ok then, catch you in the next blog.

To download the video, please click the Download button. Thanks.

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