How to get the cheapest Domain Name?

How to get the cheapest Domain Name?

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Today, I would like to share with you some information regarding  “how to get the cheapest domain name?” without compromising any features. I can absolutely understand that if my blog is verbose, it will bog you down so I will try my level best to explain the essential information without consumming much of your time.


Yes, Domain Name is nothing but the name of your website. For example, and etc. All these names are called domain name.

In order not to intimidate you with technical jargons such as network layer translation of IP(Internet Protocol) address into DNS (Domain Name Server) and vice versa.  And mechanism of TCP IP Network Layers etc. I will try my best to keep it very simple.


There are many domain name extension, such as .com, .net, .org, .mil,  .gov, .edu, .biz, etc.  .com and .biz is mainly used for commercial and business purpose, .net for network, .org for organization, .mil for military, .gov for government, .edu for education etc.. For common people, we can’t purchase or book domain name with extension such as .gov, .mil, .edu etc. In order to book domain name with such extension, we have to produce many legal documents to verify that we are booking that as a delegate of whichever institution you are representing.

There are many domain seller vendors and I would like to take two widely known companies to compare the price. They are and If you want to book a domain name, let us take an example of (it’s currently available if you want to book it).

The cost of the domain name service for a year is as follows..

Godaddy Price ( 1 year) HostGator Price ( 1 year) Our Price ( 1 year)
RMB 95.9 (approx) RMB 87.24 (approx) RMB 85

Domain Name has another plugin (or service) which is quite essential to keep it secure or protect from domain information harvesting, called Domain Name Protection. All other vendors sell this service for another RMB 100 so the revised cost of your domain name is as follows..

Godaddy Price HostGator Price Our Price
RMB 95.9 (approx)+100=

RMB 195.9/-

RMB 87.24 (approx)+100 =

RMB 187.24/-

RMB 85+0 =

RMB 85/-

We do offer every products and services at very competitive price but we never compromise the quality of the products and services that we offer.

If you want to know more or want to book a domain, you can drop a line at

Thank you for your patience..


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