Month: June 2017

Hello there,

Today we are going to learn how to change cPanel password and it’s going to be an interesting thing to learn provided you have never tried it before ūüôā

Step 01: Login into cPanel account. For example: 

Enter Username or Email ID and Password.

Step 02: Type “Password” (without double quotes) in the searchbox.

Step 03: Click on Password & Security of PREFERENCES.

Type Old Password (You need to know the Old password and if you don’t remember, write us an email at dev.epotala(at) ).

That’s all Guys! All the Best!

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Recently we received few requests from our clients and asked a tutorial regarding how to create an email account using custom domain name. Although such information could be collected using youtube or google, let me write a blog for it so that they don’t have to spend minutes to search in random articles but in the blog itself. OK, without taking much time, I will proceed with the steps.

Step 01: Goto cPanel. For example,  or and enter username and password.

Step 02: In the search panel type “Email”¬†(Without double Quote)

Step 03: ¬†Click on “Email Accounts”

Step 04:  Fill the Form. In the example, I have created a custom email viz. and entered its detail such as password which you can see on the picture.

Note:¬†You will see a MailBox beneath it. You can either choose Unlimited or 1024MB (which is equivalent to 1GB). I prefer Unlimited cause sometimes I need to receive heavy graphic materials however you set it with your own requirement ūüôā

It is pretty much done here and it will be shown like in the image… (Need to hide the team email accounts)

Step 05: If you want to edit or change your email password then, please login inside the cPanel and Type Email in the search and click on Email Setting. Then it will show as the following image.

Step 06: Click on Password and enter the password of your choice. Click finish.

How to access Email Account ?

Step 07: Open a Browser of your choice and type

Enter your username or Email ID and Password.

Subsequently, it will show the following display. Click on “Got it”. (Sometimes they won’t ask about it so you don’t have to worry about it)


Step 08:¬†Note:¬†You can choose anyone of the three, but my personal favourite is roundcube.¬†Don’t click on¬†Set Default.¬†There is no harm to¬†Set Default¬†but it is my personal experience that it takes more time to login.

Step 09:  Voila!

Have a great time ahead!

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