How to change cPanel Login Password

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Today we are going to learn how to change cPanel password and it’s going to be an interesting thing to learn provided you have never tried it before 🙂

Step 01: Login into cPanel account. For example: 

Enter Username or Email ID and Password.

Step 02: Type “Password” (without double quotes) in the searchbox.

Step 03: Click on Password & Security of PREFERENCES.

Type Old Password (You need to know the Old password and if you don’t remember, write us an email at dev.epotala(at) ).

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How to create an email account, Change Password and Access the Email, in a Shared Hosting ( Having cPanel)


Recently we received few requests from our clients and asked a tutorial regarding how to create an email account using custom domain name. Although such information could be collected using youtube or google, let me write a blog for it so that they don’t have to spend minutes to search in random articles but in the blog itself. OK, without taking much time, I will proceed with the steps.

Step 01: Goto cPanel. For example,  or and enter username and password.

Step 02: In the search panel type “Email” (Without double Quote)

Step 03:  Click on “Email Accounts”

Step 04:  Fill the Form. In the example, I have created a custom email viz. and entered its detail such as password which you can see on the picture.

Note: You will see a MailBox beneath it. You can either choose Unlimited or 1024MB (which is equivalent to 1GB). I prefer Unlimited cause sometimes I need to receive heavy graphic materials however you set it with your own requirement 🙂

It is pretty much done here and it will be shown like in the image… (Need to hide the team email accounts)

Step 05: If you want to edit or change your email password then, please login inside the cPanel and Type Email in the search and click on Email Setting. Then it will show as the following image.

Step 06: Click on Password and enter the password of your choice. Click finish.

How to access Email Account ?

Step 07: Open a Browser of your choice and type

Enter your username or Email ID and Password.

Subsequently, it will show the following display. Click on “Got it”. (Sometimes they won’t ask about it so you don’t have to worry about it)


Step 08: Note: You can choose anyone of the three, but my personal favourite is roundcube. Don’t click on Set Default. There is no harm to Set Default but it is my personal experience that it takes more time to login.

Step 09:  Voila!

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A Tips on “How to harden your Macbook Pro Security?”

Hope you will learn something useful out of this short video 🙂

Have a wonderful Weekend to you all..

By the way, if you can’t watch above video. No problem.. Follow the following steps and I am sure you will get it. By the way, you can write to me anytime 🙂

Step 1: Open Spotlight

You can do this either two ways.

One is, you can directly press on the Magnify Icon at your extreme Right corner.  icon Click on it.


Press (CMD+SPACEBAR) on your keyboard.

Step 2: Type Security & Privacy and Click enter. 


Step 3: Click on the Yellow Lock Key and it will ask you to type password. Type your login password.

3 4






Step 4: First goto Privacy. There is option to enable your Location. 

There is a pro and con. You choose whichever suites you. 


If you enable if, there is high probable that you might get a chance to track your system if you misplaced it. (I have never tried it. Read it on few tech blogs)


With use of certain app, people can trace your location. So, it’s your call! 🙂


Step 5: Goto Firewall Section.

Enable The firewall. (Turn it on)


Goto Firewall Options:


Choose block all incoming connections. That way, every application will ask your permission if it is trying to connect to a remote server. For example, utorrent app etc.


Step 6: Last but not the least, enable your File Vault. 



By turning it on, if you misplaced your computer, nobody can touch your sensitive files or documents.


System will take a little bit longer to open when you switch on the system.

That’s all for today. If you have any questions, please feel free to write in the comment box below 🙂

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How to make a Downloadable file with a Download Button?

Many of my friends were asking me how to make a pdf file like form or notice which could be downloadable and they don’t want some boring conventional link to do the job rather they wish to have some animated or graphical download button so that user will not get bogged down to do an extra job to download the files.

In this video, I did a  screen recording and please do not get surprised if you can’t hear a word because my voice or any kind of audio is not embedded in the video because, uploading the video on the youtube become such a nuisance that it checks many licences and copy rights. Last time I did record a video blog and embed a nice smoothing music at hind and for that I got strike from the youtube for violating their copy rights.

It’s hard but I learned my lesson in a hard way. Anyway, without further ado I am going to present you the video. Have a great evening guys!

If time permits you, please jot down some lines in the comment box. To you it may means nothing but it could be source of driving force to do more social works for me 😉

Ok then, catch you in the next blog.

To download the video, please click the Download button. Thanks.

How to get the cheapest Domain Name?

Dear friends,

Today, I would like to share with you some information regarding  “how to get the cheapest domain name?” without compromising any features. I can absolutely understand that if my blog is verbose, it will bog you down so I will try my level best to explain the essential information without consumming much of your time.


Yes, Domain Name is nothing but the name of your website. For example, and etc. All these names are called domain name.

In order not to intimidate you with technical jargons such as network layer translation of IP(Internet Protocol) address into DNS (Domain Name Server) and vice versa.  And mechanism of TCP IP Network Layers etc. I will try my best to keep it very simple.


There are many domain name extension, such as .com, .net, .org, .mil,  .gov, .edu, .biz, etc.  .com and .biz is mainly used for commercial and business purpose, .net for network, .org for organization, .mil for military, .gov for government, .edu for education etc.. For common people, we can’t purchase or book domain name with extension such as .gov, .mil, .edu etc. In order to book domain name with such extension, we have to produce many legal documents to verify that we are booking that as a delegate of whichever institution you are representing.

There are many domain seller vendors and I would like to take two widely known companies to compare the price. They are and If you want to book a domain name, let us take an example of (it’s currently available if you want to book it).

The cost of the domain name service for a year is as follows..

Godaddy Price ( 1 year) HostGator Price ( 1 year) Our Price ( 1 year)
RMB 95.9 (approx) RMB 87.24 (approx) RMB 85

Domain Name has another plugin (or service) which is quite essential to keep it secure or protect from domain information harvesting, called Domain Name Protection. All other vendors sell this service for another RMB 100 so the revised cost of your domain name is as follows..

Godaddy Price HostGator Price Our Price
RMB 95.9 (approx)+100=

RMB 195.9/-

RMB 87.24 (approx)+100 =

RMB 187.24/-

RMB 85+0 =

RMB 85/-

We do offer every products and services at very competitive price but we never compromise the quality of the products and services that we offer.

If you want to know more or want to book a domain, you can drop a line at

Thank you for your patience..


A must have VPN for all

Tashi Delek Everyone,

Today I am going to share with you all some information regarding VPN.

What is VPN ? 

According to wikipedia, “A virtual private network, also known as a VPN, is a private network that extends across a public network or internet. It enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computing devices were directly connected to the private network.”

What is the uses? 

Many people use VPN to protect their wireless transactions (specially using public wifi hotspot like Cafe etc.) and some people use it to circumvent the Geo-Restriction or to Access blocked websites. If we use it well, it can help us to anonymize our identity which means, it helps to hide our IP (Internet Protocol) address and MAC (Media Access Code) and many more informations which we usually not aware of, from the twisted minded people (or Hacker). Most of the time, we use VPN to browse the blocked websites. For example, when I was in college, Facebook was blocked so I use VPN to access it.

Difference between Free VPNs versus Paid VPNs:

Free VPN:


  1. You don’t have to pay a dime.
  2. It will serve your purpose to some extend.


  1. Feature is limited.
  2. They sell your data.
  3. You don’t have privacy.
  4. You have to create new email IDs when the trial gets expired.

If you would like to try some free VPNs, you can click here. This blog has recommended five top free VPNs.

My Take on Free VPNsFree VPNs are either shady or functionalities are too limited.

Paid VPN:


  1. You can get any IP address of your preferred country. (most has it)
  2. You will get access to full features.
  3. Easy and convenient to use.
  4. Can use on more than 5 devices.
  5. It will serve your purpose completely.
  6. Most of it don’t keep your logs (browsing records). For example NordVPN
  7. Privacy and Security is good.
  8. Hassle Free etc..


  1. You have to pay. (but you can get the service at very nominal price)

My Take on Paid VPNs: A decent VPNs just cost you equivalent to a one time meal at a good restaurant. (I don’t mean to be a flamboyant here, trust me)


My Favourite VPNs

  1.  Nord VPN (Click on the image to know more about it)


Some features of NordVPN:

  1. No logging
  2. Headquartered Outside the US and Europe
  3. Double VPN System
  4. Dedicated Tor-over-VPN Servers (Maximum Anonymity)
  5. Strong Encryption (2049-bit SSL for OpenVPN)
  6. Performance and Support (Hundreds of Servers WorldWide)Support Platforms:

    300x250v12Image Credit:
    Fees: (Click on the image to know more)300x250v12There is another VPN currently I am using, let me add to the list once I gain the confidence of their service because I don’t want to recommend you everything which is available in the market. For that you can simply search through Google, Baidu or Yongzin will get you more exhaustive results.

Best part of NordVPN:


Why this VPN is my favourite and I would like to recommend you? 

I am not blurting out some name of VPNs and making a big deal about it. Instead I did research and the VPNs I have mentioned above are the some of the best VPNs at current market. (Competitive Price as well).

Besides, some note-worthy technical journals mentioned about it. Here and Here. 

Even the well known Hacker News Magazine recommended about the NordVPN in their news.

You can use the VPN upto 6 devices simultaneously. (You can shared with your family or friends)

So why wait?  Purchase a VPN for yourself.

Click Here


I am recommending this VPN based on my past experience and if you buy this through me, I will get some affiliate royalties (minimum amount), and in return, I would like to personally assist you if you run into any technical difficulties. However, if you didn’t purchase through me, I can’t render you the assistance. You can directly ask the company staff to provide you the solution. Thanks!




Note for the readers: 

Dear readers,

I am going to try my level best to write appraisals on softwares and IT products and services based on real time experience. Please candidly leave me your critiques regarding the subject matters and in what way I need to improve so that I can serve you the best.

Thank you.